Marching Band


Parents/Members of Marching Band: We NEED a copy of your birth certificate & ID OR a copy of your enhanced ID so we can make sure you can get across the border *You can copy it in Sumpter’s office. Ask…

Apple Blossom Parade

Happy Friday! Tomorrow… Be here by 5:45ish We are leaving at 6 Parade starts at 11 We are the last band Get out of uniform and have lunch in Wenatchee BRING MONEY Back around 4:30-5 -Mini Sumpter

Big Day Tomorrow!

Quick Reminder For AUBURN Tomorrow!!! We’ve worked our butts off guys, it’s time to give it everything we’ve got! 7:00 Load 8:15 Get Here 8:30 Leave 11:30ish Home BRING EXTRA DRY CLOTHES! -Mini Sumpter

Reminder for Marching Band!

Tomorrow we do not have school! So here’s a reminder for the weekend! Everyone, please stay well rested, hydrated, and healthy. Pack what you need, if you need reference, check earlier posts, the whole packet has been posted. DO NOT…